Tiny Flower Desert Spray
Tiny Flower Desert Spray
Dryland Wilds

Tiny Flower Desert Spray

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Wildcrafted aroma mist for home and body. The desert sprays are a perfect light fragrance for hair, skin, bedroom, car, office -- anywhere that needs some fresh air and desert time.

The desert celebrates in flowers. Just the smallest whisper of rain and miles of sand and rock cloak themselves in bright blankets of tiny blooms, ecstatic in their perfume and color. Tiny flower desert spray is your invitation to the party.

Handcrafted with extracts of desert limoncillo, sticky gumweed, desert verbena, sweetclover and other high desert aromatics.

Contains distillation of limoncillo, grindelia, sagebrush flower, and other high desert aromatics, organic cane alcohol, and botanical fragrance handcrafted with leaves, flowers, bark + resin from the wilds of New Mexico

2 oz. bottle