Greasewood Desert Perfume
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Greasewood Desert Perfume

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This desert perfume is a love poem to survival.  It is the smell of rain on the hot, dry southern New Mexico badlands. One of the oldest living beings on our planet, greasewood flourishes where little else can live.  This scrubby bush carries the scent of desert monsoon in its leaves, making us remember rain even in the hottest, driest times.  

Notes: Dry earthy petichor, sharp resinous greasewood and the cool relief of summer rain in New Mexico’s Chihuahuan desert. Handcrafted with extracts of greasewood, desert rosemary-mint, juniper resin and other high desert aromatics. 

10ml roller bottle

Contains organic jojoba oil and botanical fragrance handcrafted with extracts of greasewood, desert rosemary-mint, juniper resin and other high desert aromatics.