Ritual Kit
Ritual Kit
Ritual Kit
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Ritual Kit

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Each Ritual Goods kit aims to involve your heart, mind, and hand in practical spellcraft and ritual.  Additionally, you will always receive an item that is handmade  and/or a working item for your altar.


—much like love—is an energy resource that we can invite into our lives or block out.  A lot of us have a relationship with money that is all about stress, obstacles, and frustration.  It's like a little gremlin on your shoulder telling you that security in your life is just never gonna happen. We want to put the kibosh on that nonsense.  This kit contains all the instructions and tools you will need to banish that stress and doubt demon from your mind and replace it with a sense of security and optimism. There is dancing involved. That's all we're going to say.

Kit contents: hand poured ritual candle, green calcite stone & info card, raw clay, “The Hustle" anointing oil, triple moon altar bell, invocation card, ritual card

Self Love

Where can you find the room to commit to yourself? How do you carve out room in your life every day to nurture your needs and desires? Have you really, truly, thought about what nurturing yourself means?

Sometimes we seek out love in externalities, when we have not even taught ourselves how to love us.  Take this step to peer inside and honor the hidden light that's been trying to get your attention for so long.  It will illuminate a new world for you! This ritual working kit contains all the tools and instruction you need to turn your gaze inward, honor your light, and carry it with you.

Kit contents: hand poured ritual candle, handmade ritual bath scrub, 3 stones & string and info card, paper scroll, palo santo sticks, incantation card

Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space is the first and most important step in your witchcraft practice.  This kit will introduce the basics of creating a dedicated space for your work, including tools and instructions for consecrating your working space, locating your altar, and a dedication ritual.

Kit contents: hand poured ritual candle, vial of pink himalayan sea salt, sage bundle for clearing, handmade dish for your sage, hand printed altar cloth, circle casting directions card, altar dedication card

 All materials are carefully & lovingly sourced, curated, or crafted.