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Green Chile Air Freshener

Green Chile Air Freshener

Slow roasted to perfection, this hanging air freshener captures the state’s most iconic and enchanting smell, roasted green chile. Hang this Hatch inspired ristra anywhere. It will make any area smell like your right outside of Hatch New Mexico in the late summer months.

Scent Description

For those of you unfamiliar with Green Chile you might be asking, ‘What does this roasted pepper smell like? You can expect forward notes of herbal citrus followed by a sultry-sweet smokey finish. It’s soft on the nose, but tough on the appetite – you’ll be craving chile with every whiff.

Extend the Life

When taken entirely out of the bag, the air freshener will give you 20-30 days of smell good. If you progressively take the ristra out of the bag, you can extend the life of the air freshener up to 60 days.

*Avoid air freshener contact with any surface including skin. We know it’s tempting but do NOT eat, lick or taste the air freshener.