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Botanical Lip Tint

Botanical Lip Tint

These botanical lip tint contains all organic oils, therapeutic grade essential oils and absolutes, sustainably sourced ingredients and hand-blended desert perfumes featuring our own wildcrafted macerations, distillations and enfleurage. Packaged in a .25 oz reusable metal slide tin. 

Coppermallow Lip Tint   

Coppermallow, with its honey-sweet apricot blossoms, helps repair and smooth skin in this lightly scented, regenerative lip tint.  Natural mica and iron oxide give a soft copper shimmer.  

Primrose Lip Tint  

Evening primrose boasts a delicate flower and intoxicating fragrance unusual in its desert surroundings. This super moisturizing lip tint with restorative organic primrose seed oil, offers a delicious scent and a whisper of pink from natural mica and iron oxide.  

Prickly pear Lip Tint  

Prickly pear fragrance-free lip tint suggests the deep vermillion of a ripe cactus fruit, the sweet rubies of our desert landscape.  Enriched with beneficial organic prickly pear seed oil and colored with natural iron oxide, our lip tint offers a subtle deep rusty red and excellent moisturizing properties.

Chocolate flower Lip Tint 

Chocolate in the desert?  This sweet little desert flower has an amazing creamy fragrance of rich cocoa with notes of carnation, honey and cinnamon.  Our moisturizing chocolate flower lip tint is a deep carmine red-brown, colored beautifully with natural iron oxide.  

Rosehip Lip Tint

Wear New Mexico’s late summer high mountain meadows on your lips. This lightly fragranced lip tint is infused with wild rosehips and colored with natural mica and iron oxide. The beautiful light peachy red color gives you a sun-kissed glow and provides regenerative moisture.

Contains olive*, coconut*, avocado*, and jojoba* oils, beeswax and wildcrafted rosehip infusion.  Colored with iron oxide and/or mica. 100% botanical fragrance. 

*certified organic

No synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients ever.